Tornier Nice Loop


The Tornier NiceLoop™ is the dedicated solution to perform the NiceKnot, a sliding and self stabilizing knot.


  • Strength: the NiceLoop™ is tied as a doubled-over suture, increasing significantly the knot strength.
  • Adjustability: the tightening process of the NiceKnot can be stopped and resumed at any stage, as the knot is self stabilized (preventing from slippage).
  • Versatility: the NiceLoop™ can be used in a variety of indications:
    • Tuberosities Fixation during Hemi or reversed arthroplasty for fracture.
    • Cerclage for Humerotomy or Femorotomy.
    • Fixation of Bone Fragments (i.e Butterfly).
  • Simplicity: by combining a simple initial knot with 3 half hitches, the NiceKnot provides knot security without an excessive amount of complexity and bulkiness. 


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