BLUEPRINT 3D Planning Software

BLUEPRINT™ is a patient-specific shoulder instrument system that delivers complete control of pre-operative planning directly to the surgeon’s computer.  No need to send a CT-scan.  No delays.  Just you, your patient, and support from a full team of Tornier specialists.

BLUEPRINT™ 3D planning software is a powerful pre-operative planning tool provided directly to physicians for instant 3D visualization of the patient’s anatomy and virtual implantation.

BLUEPRINT 3D Planning Software enables:

  • Identification of glenoid wear patterns
  • Visualization of humeral head subluxation & migration
  • Planning correction of glenoid version, inclination and positioning
  • Ensuring full implant seating
  • Analyzing bone removal required for various implant options
  • Assuring implant containment within the glenoid vault


Blueprint™ 3D Planning Software is only cleared for use with the Aequalis™ PerFORM Glenoid System.

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