Aequalis Glenoid

Complementing the Aequalis® Cemented and Press-Fit stems and available in keeled or 4-peg versions, the Aequalis® Glenoid Component is fitted in cases of total shoulder arthroplasty.
Its pear-shaped design permits good contact with the glenoid surface. Its radius of curvature enables all sizes of head to be assembled with the different sizes of glenoid component.


Prosthetic replacement with this device may be indicated to relieve severe pain or significant disability caused by:

  • Degenerative pathologies: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid polyarthritis, post-traumatic arthritis. Primary and secondary necrosis of the humeral head.
  • Displaced 4-part upper humeral fracture.
  • Humeral head fracture.
  • Other pathologies where arthrodesis or resectional arthroplasty of the humeral head are not acceptable.
  • Revisions when other treatments or devices have failed.


  • Compatibility between all sizes of head and glenoid component
  • Thickness of 4 mm to maintain joint space to avoid any stiffness
  • Unconstrained radius of curvature reducing glenoid radiolucent lines


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