Aequalis Fracture


Most of the current shoulder arthroplasties involve a humeral fracture. Brought to market in 2001 in close collaboration with Professor Pascal Boileau (Nice), the Aequalis® Fracture is the solution for complex proximal humeral fractures.

The unique design of this stem is characterized by its low profile, its fenestrated neck specially designed for accommodating a bone graft. Its small fin enables to pass suture wires. Together with suitable ancillary instruments and a simple and reproducible tuberosity reconstruction technique (Professor Pascal Boileau), the Aequalis® Fracture is the ideal solution for anatomic positioning and tuberosity consolidation.


  • Traumatic or pathologic conditions of the shoulder resulting in fracture of the glenohumeral joint, including humeral head fracture and displaced 3-or 4-part proximal humeral fractures.
  • Revisions when other devices or treatments have failed.


  • Undisputed market reference: the Aequalis® Fracture is designed for correct positioning and tuberosity consolidation.
  • A global concept: the combination of an implant, ancillary instruments and original technique for tuberosity reconstruction, developed by Professor Pascal Boileau.
  • A simple, reproducible and reliable technique offering an excellent success rate in arthroplasty following fracture.


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