The next phase of shoulder arthroplasty has arrived with Simpliciti

Tornier, the leader in shoulder joint replacement, brings you Simpliciti: The first press-fit, stemless, anatomic solution with a female taper designed to preserve bone, save time, and reduce the variables to achieving a truly anatomic outcome.

Simpliciti, a Total Conservative Solution, bridges the gap between traditional stemmed and resurfacing shoulder implants. With Simpliciti, surgeons can now capitalize on the straight-forward, bone preserving approach of resurfacing while benefiting from enhanced glenoid access. The clinically superior results of total shoulder arthroplasty are achieved – all in one simple system.

Simpliciti: a simple, anatomic restoration Simpliciti employs the clinically proven and time-honored anatomic humeral head design.

Simpliciti delivers options for the patient’s future

Simpliciti preserves precious bone stock for future interventions while avoiding clinical issues associated with traditional stemmed solutions, such as peri-prosthetic fracture and humeral splitting osteotomy.1,2

  • Simpliciti allows for humeral head placement independent of the humeral canal, which simplifies challenging post-traumatic surgeries and reduces the need for troublesome tuberosity osteotomies.
  • Simpliciti: simple, time-saving surgical technique

    Simple procedure that saves valuable OR time versus traditional solutions – without compromising functional outcomes.
    Just a few easy steps to place the Simpliciti device.

Only Simpliciti addresses the variables to achieving optimal outcomes

The progression of humeral implant design has long focused on accurately addressing anatomic variables, which differ from one patient to another.3

Simpliciti now delivers the freedom of precise anatomic placement without the constraints of fixed inclinations, medial off set and posterior off set. Simpliciti uniquely delivers anatomic results without the procedural complexity.

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