The Minimally Invasive Stem

As more and more surgeons utilize minimally invasive surgery to reduce hospital stays and shorten recovery times, new techniques and instruments have been developed to simplify procedures and improve patient outcomes. Unfortunately, hip implants have remained relatively unchanged with broad and bulky fixed neck designs. Now however, an advanced hip system has been developed that is ideal for today’s advanced surgical techniques.

PROFEMUR® Z hip stems are ideal implants for minimally invasive surgery.

With modular necks, the stem is streamlined relative to traditional fixed neck implants. PROFEMUR® Z implants simplify stem insertion and minimize soft tissue stretching. The streamlined geometry also allows surgeons to optimize implant positioning based on fit and fixation rather than settling for placement dictated by a fixed neck implant with limited maneuverability.

Once properly positioned, surgeons can use PROFEMUR® Z modular necks to equalize leg length, optimize offset and maximize joint stability simultaneously.

PROFEMUR® Z – The Minimally Invasive Stem!

The PROFEMUR® Z stems are dual tapered, titanium-alloy hip implants with a rectangular cross-section. The tapered, rectangular cross-section provides proximal fixation and rotational stability. The stems are grit-blasted across the entire implant to create a uniform 6 micron surface coating.

The PROFEMUR® Z stems utilize a patented modular neck technology. With six interchangeable neck geometries available in two lengths, PROFEMUR® Modular Necks provide the flexibility to adjust leg length and offset independently. The versatility offers surgeons a greater ability to restore normal hip mechanics and motion.

PROFEMUR® Z stems utilize a simple, broach-only technique. The broaches, equal in size to the implants, compact bone rather than ream and remove bone. The technique conserves bone and maintains medullary blood flow.