Profemur Gladiator

The PROFEMUR® GLADIATOR® Hip System includes two stem designs that are implanted using the same set of broaches. This versatile system provides a range of indications from the low demand hip fracture population to the higher demand arthroplasty patient.


  • Cementless Titanium with proximal plasma
  • Cemented Cobalt Chrome with collar


  • Modular neck
  • Tapered-wedge design
  • Horizontal and vertical macro-features (cementless)
  • Reduced lateral shoulder

The PROFEMUR® GLADIATOR® Plasma stem provides an outstanding primary THA option, featuring a tapered-wedge geometry for mediolateral stability, horizontal and vertical macro features intended to distribute loading forces and promote rotational stability, proximal plasma coating for long-term ongrowth, and a reduced lateral shoulder to help conserve bone and ease insertion. The system has also been designed to accommodate surgeons’ varied principles and techniques in the treatment of functional deformity, with the addition of a cemented stem. The PROFEMUR® GLADIATOR® Cemented stem has geometry identical to the plasma version, but with a smooth surface as opposed to the macro-features. As those of us who treat functional trauma and genetic deformity know, not all are alike, nor should they be treated as such. The GLADIATOR® bipolar is designed to accommodate these stems and is an excellent option for cases of functional trauma involving femoral neck fracture. PROFEMUR® GLADIATOR® stems and GLADIATOR® bipolar shells provide outstanding choices for addressing –

  • variances in patient bone quality (whether to use a cemented or cementless stem)
  • concerns for use of cement in medically compromised patients
  • differences in surgeon philosophy on stem design and implant fixation

Of final note is the incorporation of a modular femoral neck. Adding such modularity allows the surgeon to customize the reconstruction to assist in replicating the anatomy1 and provide intra-operative versatility to address soft tissue tension2 as needed. The modular neck system allows easy changes to offset and simultaneous adjustment of version regardless of the length of the neck.

Surgeons and surgical staff will appreciate these design features made to improve your surgical experience and improve care for your patients


Wright Profemur Gladiator - Surgical Technique