The PrOCOTYl®  Acetabular Cup System provides unsurpassed surgical exibility for shell xation and bearing material choices. The shells are manufactured from titanium alloy, the material of choice for bio-compatibility. An irregularly layered porous titanium bead coating enhances initial xation and long term bone apposition. An average porosity of 30% allows for enhanced bone on-growth. Cups are available with or without additional hydroxyapatite coating. Three screw holes located in one quadrant of the cup allow for surgical exibility.

intra-operative exibility: PrOCOTYl® l Acetabular Cup System system accepts ceramic, metal and and A-ClASS® advanced cross-linked poly liners. liners are securely locked by the riM-lOCK xation system and the 18° internal taper.

PrOCOTYl® l acetabular components are recommended to be used in conjunction with PrOFeMur® femoral components and their unique modular neck system. Modular necks allow for optimal restoration of patient’s original hip biomechanics. independent of the femoral shaft position, it allows control over leg length, o set, alignment and version.


Wright Procotyl L - Surgical Technique