Perform Plus


The AEQUALISTM PERFORM+ system is an extension of the AEQUALISTM PERFORM anatomic glenoid system developed to address posterior glenoid de ciencies that when treated with traditional options have increased risk for glenoid loosening.
The AEQUALISTM PERFORM+ system has been developed to preserve subchondral bone1 that has been demonstrated to be a critical factor in long term survivorship. The cannulated instrumentation provides for simple axial preparation that is intended to mirror both the paleo (anterior) and neo (posterior) surface of the glenoid.

The implant shape was validated through virtual implantation on more than seventy posteriorly worn glenoids. The AEQUALISTM PERFORM+ system features four sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large) with a 40 mm backside radius of curvature. Three augmented angles are available to choose from (15o, 25o and 35o) in both lefts and rights.


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