Latitude Elbow Replacement

Developed in the United States at prestigious centers and in collaboration with highly renowned elbow surgeons, the Latitude Total Elbow is the first third-generation total elbow prosthesis. Launched in 2001 in the US, this anatomic prosthesis completes the Tornier range, meeting the requirements of total elbow arthroplasty.

It offers maximum flexibility for facilitating anatomic reconstruction and restoration of normal kinematics of the elbow joint.

Available in unconstrained or semi-constrained versions, it adapts to joint stability and ligament environment. This freedom of choice is made possible by the unique design of a perfectly ergonomic ulnar cap.


Prosthetic replacement with this device may be indicated to relieve severe pain or significant disability following the effects of primary or secondary osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis; correction of functional deformities; revision procedures where other treatments or devices have failed; and treatment of fractures that are unmanageable using other techniques.


    • Reproduces       the anatomy
    • Restores       the elbow’s flexion/extension axis
    • Ancillary       instruments designed to simplify the various stages of surgery


Latitude Elbow Replacement Surgical Technique