Aequalis Reversed


Based on a concept by Professor Grammont and compensation of rotator cuff deficiency by tensioning the deltoid muscle, the Aequalis® Reversed Shoulder was developed and launched in 2002.

A semi-constrained prosthesis available in cemented and cementless versions, it is an additional solution for degenerative diseases associated with rotator cuff tear.


  • It is indicated for patients with a functional deltoid muscle as a total shoulder replacement for the relief of pain and significant disability following arthropathy associated to massive and non repairable rotator cuff-tear.
  • This device is also indicated for the prosthetic revisions with massive and non repairable rotator cuff-tear.


  • Perfect joint stabilization in cases of massive rotator cuff tear.
  • Multi-directional screws which optimize bone grip and permit better anchoring of the prosthesis.
  • Several possibilities for humerus lateralization ranging from 6 to 21 mm.
  • Secure assembly of the glenoidal sphere on the baseplate: impaction by morse taper secured by central screw.


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